About The Owner

Diana Wheelock

A love of pure body wellness always came naturally to the creator of CBDtology, Diana Wheelock. Stemming from her passion of cooking healthy foods to her experience of helping seniors and children through natural healing practices.

How It All STarted

The Origin Story of CBDtology

In 2018 when CBD was legalized by the FDA, she saw that her passion and drive for cannabis and hemp could finally have a chance to blossom into something. With this, she worked hard to create her very own business.

Obsessed with the science behind alternative medicine formulation, CBDtology was born, after careful research and studying. Her first goal was to create a product to educate and help others in a natural way as it did for her and her family and friends. What other best way than cannabis, her favorite medicine. And now here she is with an entire CBD product line.

The future has never looked so bright for this young female entrepreneur. Diana’s mission is to educate the community on all of the amazing benefits CBD has to offer through skin and body care products made purely.

Who is Diana Wheelock?

Diana grew up in a bilingual and conservative home. After graduating from school, Diana became a CNA. Wanting to explore more destinations, she moved to the bay area where she educated children at a Spanish immersion daycare in San Francisco.

Although she enjoyed her time teaching, something was missing and there was a yearning to create something on her own.

After applying CBD within her own life and becoming a daily user, Diana found the use of hemp and cannabis products to be a very welcoming relief.